Refund policy

You are legally entitled to cancel your purchase within a 14 day reflection period, without any requirement to state your reasons for cancellation. 

The cancellation term ends at midnight on the 14th day of the reflection period. If this day in question falls on a Saturday or Sunday you have untill midnight on the following Monday. After the stated reflection period all sales are final. 

To excersize your right of cancellation you are required to inform us unambigiously of your decision to cancel your purchase via e-mail or by filling out the online cancellation form. To make use of the reflection period it suffices to send your message concerning your choice to make use of your right to cancel a purchase before the end of the reflection period. You will receive a confirmation of receival from us by e-mail. 

Consequences of cancellation of purchase: 

When you cancel your purchase you will be receive a full refund of your made payment to us for your ticket. This does not include the service fees made to Chipta, banks or PayPal. You will receive your refund within 14 days after us being informed about your decision to cancel your purchase. We will repay you with the same type of payment (cash/bank payment/gift card) that you used to pay your purchase, unless we have written permission of you for other methods. No further costs will be charged for the service of providing the refund. In case of attendance of the event your right of cancellation ends at arriving at the venue. 

Neroli Sensual Arts consists of Dayenne Dijkland (Arnhem) and Angela Boeijen (Haalderen) and can be reach through e-mail at [email protected] 

Code of ethics

The Summer Solstice Retreat is a safe haven in which you can be open, vulnerable and work on yourself in your own way, supported by others that share these needs. Therefore the most important thing we want to ask from you is to be kind.